Nickel Charlie's has been part of the local flavor for over 30 years. We take pride in our scratch-made food and Montana hospitality. Whether you're dining with family, friends or are just having some "me" time, you'll enjoy a meal of home style cooking in a relaxing and friendly environment. Stop on and see us today!

The Origin of Nickel Charlie's Name

Wichita, Kansas was booming in the 1880s. Grossman’s Tobacco & Apothecary was booming right along with the town. A good Havana cigar was difficult to find, but you could count on Grossman’s to come up with fresh Havanas every month.

Old Mr. Grossman may not have been the first businessman to use a wooden Indian to promote his wares, but he certainly was the first to use a wooden Indian to hold & promote his prized Havana cigars.

Grossman didn’t remember the name of the old cowboy who constantly talked to his friend, charlie (the wooden Indian). That wooden Indian, then and thereafter, became known as “Nickel Charlie,” purveyor of fresh, 5 cent, Havana cigars.

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